ACAMS TODAY: Rocket to the Next Career Level

Rocket to the Next Career Level By: Alex Pole, CAMS, partner, MJ Boyd Consulting, New York, NY, USA,

In 2015, Alex Pole, was propositioned to write an article in the popular compliance industry magazine, ACAMS TODAY, on his perspective of what it takes to successfully seek, interview and transition into a new position in compliance.

Alex mentions in the article, “External movement has become increasingly commonplace in the compliance field in recent years. As banks and financial services firms suffer the ramifications of insufficient compliance investment, many are spending heavily in recruiting the strongest talent, often reaching outside of their institution.

The trickle-down effect of this trend on the individual career path is that loyalty and longevity has faded and has been replaced with a necessity to maintain an active connection with the job market. Critical networking with external recruiters and talent acquisition staff often takes on greater relevance than internal human resources (HR) departments.”

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