Job Purpose:

The audit officer is mainly responsible for organizing and implementing the New York branch’s internal audit work, supervising and managing the works of internal audit outsourcing organizations, reporting works to the Head Office Audit Office, bulletining the problems in the process of auditing to the branch’s management and supervising the problems’ rectification situations again.

Key Responsibilities:

  • According to the local regulatory requirements and Head police’s relative policies, combine the actual situation of the New York Branch to establish and improve the internal audit related systems suitable for the New York Branch’s
  • Organize the risk assessment of New York Branch annually, make audit program combing local regulatory requirements,report it to the head office and implement the program after being
  • To those limited and specific internal audit activities which branches cannot undertake independently, the comptroller should propose outsourcing requirements timely, and report it to the Head Audit Office. The Head Officer will hire outsourcing institutions uniformly after the report is
  • Participate in the audit of branches’ internal audit outsourcing projects, learn the relative audit services, and audit branches’ related matters according to the working requirements and one’s own
  • Monitor and manage the internal audit outsourcing projects, track the internal audit outsourcing institutions’ working performance, grasp the outsourcing projects’ working progress and personnel alteration situation, evaluate the quality of internal audit outsourcing projects, analyzing timely and prevent the audit
  • Monitor the rectification progress of problems coming from branch’s internal audit and external inspections, urge branch’s management to adhere to the rectification, and keep tacking the
  • Develop daily monitoring to changes in local regulatory policies, branch’s main operating indicators alert cases, important risk issues, and major issues of
  • According to the related rules in Head Office, Report audit projects’ implementation and programs’ development, daily inspection and significant risk issues reports timely and regularly to the Head Audit Office.
  • Sort and storage the internal and external audit files of branches, and ensure the completeness, accuracy, and reliability of all audit
  • Complete all other works related to audit according to the local regulatory authorities or Head Audit Office’s requirements.

Knowledge & Experience Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance or Accounting or equivalent
  • Typically requires 10+ years of relevant work
  • Requires good understanding of U.S. accounting laws and regulations as it relates to the banking

Capability Requirements:

  • Demonstrated critical thinking, analytical and quantitative
  • Strong organizational skills with close attention to
  • Good communication and presentation

Job Dimensions:

  • Employees: no direct reports

To apply for this job email your details to margaret@mjboyd.net